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There is a healthier way to find pain relief.

You are in pain. You can’t turn your head. Your lower back aches. The stiffness is unbearable. You thought it might go away in a couple of days. But, the problem is not subsiding. You have tossed and turned all night long in bed. The ibuprofen isn’t helping anymore.

We will start with a comprehensive, non-invasive, neuro-muscular examination and often can begin treatment right away. We require X-rays only if needed for the assessment and treatment.

Dr. Alter may recommend a treatment plan but will never ask you to “pre-buy” a chiropractic package. He will customize a treatment plan to your needs after you have discussed your goals.

Once your pain is resolved, our team of experts can help strengthen muscles, stabilize joints, and alleviate nerve interference. Our goal is to provide every opportunity for you to retain the gains you have achieved.

Healthier lives. Revealed Together.

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