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We Are Alter Health Services

We are a group of unique individuals, united by our patient’s journey.

We believe a healthier life starts today with one single decision.

We strive to make every interaction pleasant & encouraging along the path.

We recognize that real change begins by working together.

We are for you. Whatever your journey reveals ahead.

Healthier lives. Revealed Together.

Meet The Team

Dr. Mike Alter, DC, CFMP

I grew up in a wonderfully diverse health care family where I was exposed to talent in a variety of the healing arts. Chiropractors, nutritionists, dentists, and surgeons all had a significant influence on both my philosophy of healing and my work ethic towards my patients.

I gained an undergraduate degree from the Indiana University pre-med program where I participated in genetics research for thyroid disorders, student taught in the human anatomy dissection lab and also worked as a technician in the Parkview hospital ultrasound lab. During my graduate studies at Palmer Chiropractic University in Davenport, Iowa, I also worked as an EMT with a great team of paramedics and ER staff.

I graduated with my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1992. Although I had been working with clinical nutrition since the 1980's, I began my formal training in Functional Medicine from Functional Medicine University in 2015 and received my certification as a Functional Medicine Practitioner in 2017.

Certifications and advanced training in:

  • Board certified Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
  • Board certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. (CFMP)
  • X-ray physics and diagnosis
  • Chiropractic pediatrics
  • Sports injury and extremity rehabilitation
  • Advanced Clinical Nutrition & Physiology
  • Pre and Post-Surgical management of cervical & lumbar disc herniation



I am very proud of each individual that makes up our team of experts at Alter Health Services. We learn and grow from each other every day. Our tagline is ‘Healthier Lives. Revealed Together.’ I see each staff member brings their unique perspective and strengths to this ideal every day for our patients and each other. It is a joy to be a part of it. - Dr. Mike Alter

Anna Bebout, Radiology Technician

Amanda Heiser, Functional Medicine Specialist

Pam Schaefer, Office Manager

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