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You can live a healthier life. We can help reveal it, together.

You are sick. You don’t know why, but you are not yourself. It has been that way for a while. Perhaps you are anxious or fatigued and prescriptions don’t seem to help anymore. Maybe your gut is causing you problems. You’ve seemed to run out of options. You are tired of not knowing what you don’t know. You are ready for a new approach.

Dr. Alter starts by listening to your story. He will collect a detailed and comprehensive health history, gather your medical records, and perform a functional medicine exam. Appropriate Lab testing is also customarily requested that may look at data ranging from genetic profiles to metabolic evaluations.

Once lab tests are in, Dr. Alter begins his research process looking for inter-related markers and patterns that align with your family and personal health history. After this extensive time of research, he will meet with you to discuss the results.

Finally, a custom-crafted recovery program will be created with you. Through your recovery you are not alone. Progress is reviewed by offering brief, weekly phone calls. These updates have helped many patients stay on track to realize their healthier lives.

Your recovery will be a journey, not a sprint, to a healthier life, revealed together.

Healthier lives. Revealed Together.

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