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Night sweats, soaking the sheets. Is this menopause?

Posted 09.17.2020 in Curious Questions

Beth writes: “I am a female, in my late 30’s. I recently started sweating a lot when I sleep. Is this menopause, already?

The short answer is maybe, but probably not. While hormone changes can certainly cause the uncomfortable sensation of hot flashes and sweating there are some more common causes of increased sweating for females exiting their 30’s.

Dangerously low blood sugar levels can trigger night-time sweating. Many drugs, including some that manage diabetes, can also have the side effect of increased sweating. If you think this may be you, contact your physician immediately.

Pregnancy. Hormone changes associated with pregnancy can produce night sweats. If reading this possible cause just gave you the sweats then you may want to pay particular attention to the next paragraph.

Life stressors (good or bad) create an emotional burden that may interfere with the proper function of organs such as the adrenal gland, thyroid or gut which may in turn generate uncomfortable symptoms such as increased sweating.

Food sensitivities or allergies may be the culprit. Around the time your symptoms started, can you remember introducing something new to your diet? Many people develop a reaction to foods that never used to bother them, seasonal garden veggies or fruits for example. Yes, even “healthy” foods can cause problems.

Vitamin deficiencies such as low Vitamin D have been linked to increased sweating. Depending on your body’s demand for vitamin D, you may need more than the summer sun to rescue you.

There are many suspects in this case and solving the mystery of “who done it” may take the skills of a physician willing to do the investigating required to find the correct answer.

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